Residential and Commercial Landscaping

    • Custom landscape design and installation
    • Walks, patios and walls
    • Water features

Annual residential and commercial maintenance contracts

    • Mowing, aerating, and landscape maintenance
    • Mulching
    • Clean-up
    • Custom assistance for the DIY crowd

Site Preparation

    • Lot clearing
    • Grading, seeding and sod installation
    • Light hauling

Seasonal Maintenance

    • Topsoil and mulch installation
    • Fall/Spring cleanup
    • Leaf removal
    • Board fencing and fence row clearing
    • Bush hogging
    • Tree trimming

Seasonal Maintenance Tips

April/May – Lawn Fertilizing

Spring maintenance can vary depending on the condition of your lawn and the effects of winter. Rake your lawn or rent a de-thatcher to remove excessive clippings, stems, leaves, and cuttings built up on the soil surface. Remove anything over 1/2 inch without pulling up the grass. Air, water and light need to reach the soil and the lawn may look rough initially. If the lawn is dry, you can lightly water for better results and begin in areas far away from the house or where traffic is minimal. This will provide help you perfect your method to avoid scraping the soil before hitting the areas prone to higher traffic or immediately next to the house. Some yards are prone to gravel or salt exposure from winter snow removal. A dry-vac can be used to vacuum your lawn in these areas. Lawn aeration is the remedy for areas where moss or compacted grass is found. Overseed the lawn with emphasis on traffic areas, bare spots, and areas damaged by pets. Apply fertilizer when overseeding and again 5 weeks later. Fall is the best time to overseed and aerate lawns but both can be employed during the Spring for correcting lawns problems. Apply lime to the soil with a spreader to correct high acidity. If you are unsure, avoid applying lime as this can throw the soil content is the opposite direction with high alkaline. Contact us for a free evaluation and estimate.

June – Weed Control

Summer fertilizer should include additional weed control. Water your lawn 1-2 times between 6am and 10am during weeks where rainfall is below one inch. Apply insect control and fertilizer with frequent mowing during the Summer.Call us to discuss your lawn care needs.

July/August – Combat Heat

Summer-proofing your lawn includes treating for insects, heat, and drought. Please call for our latest recommendations for the season.

Fall – Winterize Lawn

Fall maintenance helps winterize your lawn assuring a headstart for next year. Halt watering if soil is moist to avoid damage during Winter. Remove leaves or use a reliable mulching mower to allow free flow of air to grass and soil. Give us a few lawn details to help you achieve the full green turf and start the full maintenance cycle.